Symposium Themes

Critical Raw Materials and Supply Chains
Economic and Technical Feasibility Studies, Reserve Estimation
Mine Development
Design, Planning and Optimization of Surface and Underground Mines
Transition from surface to underground mining
Mine Automation and Novel Technology
Internet of Things and Mining 4.0
Drilling, Blasting, Tunneling and Excavation Engineering
Innovative Materials Handling Systems and Equipment
Mining Equipment Selection
Maintenance and Production Management for Mines and Mining Systems
Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Applications
Research & Development to Improve Health, Safety & Productivity in Mines.
Environmental Issues in Surface and Underground Mining of Metalliferous, Coal, Uranium, Industrial Minerals.
Control of Effluents from Mineral Processing, Metallurgical and Chemical Plants
Reliability of Waste Containment Structures, Tailings Treatment, Recycle, Disposal, and Decommissioning
Reduction of Mining Environmental Footprint
Sustainability and Reclamation
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing
Future, Moon and Deep Mining